On Demand - Fireside Chat with an Experienced Counselor

[Recording Available Thursday, January 31, 2019]

On Demand - Fireside Chat with an Experienced Counselor

Listen in as we speak with a veteran school counselor. Find out what a counselor should know when starting their career and valuable tips for staying current in the profession.

30 minutes CEU: 0.1

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Katy Murphy, Director of College Counseling
Bellarmine College Preparatory in San Jose, CA            

Katy Murphy has over 30 years of experience at four colleges, including 10 as Director of College Counseling at Bellarmine College Prep. She earned a BA in Political Science from Whittier College (CA), and is past president of NACAC and WACAC. In her honor for her work on behalf of all students and counselors, the Katy Murphy WACAC Service Award is presented to a WACAC member who has displayed outstanding service to WACAC and/or NACAC, exceptional service to the community, responsiveness to the needs of students and families in the school-to-college transition, significant research in admissions or field directly related to college admission and sustained, long-term commitment to the principles of the counseling profession.

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