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A recent CanadianCIO industry census found that most technology leaders consider cloud adoption to be one of their most beneficial strategies. In fact, organizations that have embraced cloud services the most, report the greatest benefits. In many cases, they reported that these benefits far exceed early expectations.

The initial motivation to adopt cloud services varies from organization to organization, but what has become clear is that the benefits accelerate as you move through the various “stages of adoption”.

Eric Gales, Country Manager of Amazon Web Services (AWS) Canada, and Chris Taylor, Director of Product Management at TeraGo, have helped organizations move through these stages, witnessing the benefits first hand. They will share these experiences and some best practices with ITWC CIO and Chief Digital Officer Jim Love in a webinar that will explore the potential benefits of cloud at each stage of adoption.

The discussion will be of interest to everyone; from cloud-savvy business leaders pondering their next move to those still looking for their first project.

Highlighted topics include: 
  • Cloud Stages of Adoption
  • Investing in Innovation
  • Common Barriers to Success
  • Best Practices and Examples

        MODERATOR                            GUEST EXPERTS

Jim Love 

Eric Gales
 Country Manager,
AWS Canada

Chris Taylor
Director of Product Management,




55 Town Centre Court, Suite 302
Toronto, ON, M1P 4X4


55 Commerce Valley Dr. W, Suite 800
Thornhill, ON L3T 7V9


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