Managing the "Content Layer" – The Real Key to Digital Transformation

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There is a lot of talk about the challenges of extracting value from big data. While data problems are frequently identified as the villain, the real issue is often the management of content.

Content is the most valuable asset of any organization. It's also the most difficult to manage. It's the true source of competitiveness. How you manage content is key to innovation and competitiveness.

Content is more than just data. Content contains both structured and unstructured data sets. It encompasses video, audio, and imagery. It is not just information — it also includes context and insight.

Yet organizations – even those that are excellent at managing data – don't manage content to full advantage. Among the reasons: 
  • Confusing Enterprise Content Management with storage
  • Concern that a hefty investment in legacy systems makes alternative impossible to consider
  • Fear of failure when it comes to integrating content management with their new cloud partners
These companies risk missing out on the real benefits of digital transformation. They fail to really deliver on the promise of their current enterprise systems. Perhaps most distressing, they fail to leverage the promise of AI and other tools of the new digital era.

What can you do? You can join ITWC CIO Jim Love and Ian Phillpot, GM of Box Canada in an engaging and exciting webinar, where you will learn about: 
  • How to structure the "Content Layer" of your business
  • How managing the "Content Layer" can help reinvent your business
  • How to troubleshoot issues of integration with enterprise, legacy, and even cloud systems
  • The challenge of data sovereignty and emerging legislation
  • New trends such as the influence of AI in enterprise content management

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Jim Love

Ian Phillpot
GM, Box Canada   


55 Town Centre Court, Suite 302
Toronto, ON, M1P 4X4


180 Dundas Street West, Suite 1200
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5G 1Z8

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