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 Almost three-quarters of all Canadian businesses have moved at least part of their operations into the cloud. Are you getting pressure from your corporate leaders to join them? Perhaps you've even decided that cloud is mature enough that your company is ready to make the leap. But then when you look at the choices in the cloudscape – public, private, hybrid – you discover you're unsure of the next steps.

You are not alone. As Canadian companies embrace cloud with gusto, many are struggling to determine which architecture makes sense for their business. They aren't even sure what to analyze. Some are testing by the waters by moving a small portion of the business – backup or data recovery – into the cloud, but stall as they have trouble interpreting the results.

What's needed is a cloud plan which looks at the bigger picture of Hybrid IT. Join ITWC CIO Jim Love, Arturo Perez and Khurram Raja for an in-depth discussion of how to plan and execute the next steps in your move to the cloud. The discussion will uncover the secrets to making intelligent decisions around mixing public and private cloud structures, connectivity, security and strategy.

The discussion will also provide the information you need to develop your clear business case and how to communicate it to your business executives and end-users.

Come join the conversation and take a confident step into cloud.

Who should attend 
  • IT leaders who are responsible for infrastructure
  • Business leaders who need to understand the impact and benefits of a cloud architecture

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Jim Love


Arturo Perez
Director, TeraGo   

Khurram Raja
Product Manager,TeraGo


55 Town Centre Court, Suite 302
Toronto, ON, M1P 4X4


55 Commerce Valley Drive West
8th Floor
Thornhill ON, L3T 7V9

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