Five things you need to know before becoming a Channel Chief

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Channel leaders are accountable for indirect sales motions and scaling their business through strategic partnerships that could consist of hundreds and possibly even thousands of companies. This role has become so strategic to technology companies that it has its own title: Channel Chief. This position is now considered a C-level role, with equal weight to the sales leaders of a company.

But, what does it take to become a successful Channel Chief, whether it is your full-time role or you are wearing multiple hats in your company? Solution Providers, VARs, SIs, MSPs, CSPs, ISVs, distributors, VADs – if these terms are new to you and you want to sell through channels, come learn from those who live it every day.

The Channel Chief, whether in a start-up or larger tech firm, looks to expand their company’s reach into new industries, geographies and markets. It can be challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Join Corinne Sharp, President of the Canadian Channel Chiefs Council, as she speaks with veteran Channel Chiefs Pete West of Red Hat and John Cammalleri of HP Canada about the challenges and the rewards of the job.

During the hour-long chat you’ll discover the depth of knowledge Channel Chiefs need around strategy, finance, marketing, recruitment, operations and managing change. Corinne will also attempt to do some myth busting and get our channel leaders to share their tips and tricks for navigating the channel journey.

Who should attend 
  • Aspiring Channel Chiefs for companies big or small, startup or
  • Vendors who want to enhance the relationship with their Channel partners
  • Technology educators/ human resources interested in certification initiatives
  • Anyone who wants greater insight into the Channel Leadership role

     MODERATOR                              GUEST EXPERTS

Corinne Sharp
President, Canadian Channel Chiefs Council


Pete West
Partner Sales Lead
Red Hat   

John Cammalleri
VP, Commercial Channels,



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