Inside Innovation: How to make strides in animal health


Inside Innovation: How to make strides in animal health

Date: Tuesday, November 14
Time: 03:0
0 (London) | 10.00 (New York)
1 Hour

This webinar will explore the innovation trends in the animal health industry.

Animal Pharm Editor Joseph Harvey will speak to three key people from the animal health industry, each with a different point of view on innovation.
  • Dr Theo Kanellos, Director of Strategic Alliances at Zoetis
  • Dr Nesya Goris, Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder at ViroVet
  • Dr George Gunn, Founder of Stonehaven Consulting
The webinar will look at innovation through the eyes of a start-up, a market leader and an independent consultant.
It will explore the definition of innovation in animal health, the levels of innovation across the industry and the factors needed to stimulate innovation.

Animal Pharm Presenter:

Joseph Harvey, Editor
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