Video Streaming: Is Your Network Ready For The Challenge?


Stephane Barnatt
Head of Webcasting EMEA
Steve Vonder Haar
Senior Analyst
Wainhouse Research
Jonathan Discount
Vice President, Solutions Engineering & Technology Evangelization
Hive Streaming

Join Wainhouse Research’s Steve Vonder Haar as he shares research and leads a discussion around the importance of network readiness in corporate video delivery. Stephane Barnatt from TalkPoint, a PGi company, and Jonathan Discount (JD), from Hive Streaming, will discuss the challenges corporations face and possible solutions. Topics to be covered include:
  • Enterprise Video Delivery challenges
  • The growing importance of video communications within Enterprises
  • Determining network readiness for high quality live and on demand video communications
  • How peer-based streaming works
  • The impending Flash end of life
  • The promise of WebRTC
  • Hosting of Video Content on Demand

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