Data Management: Current Trends in Laboratory Informatics

Live Air Date: Wed, Aug 16, 2017 3:33 PM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}

1 hour 17 mins  

Event Overview

As data moves to an increasingly electronic format, accessibility and organization become essential components to your lab's success. Whether you enlist the help of an informatics team or choose to independently manage, the need to adapt to demands of research science has never been greater. In cooperation with leading industry specialists, Lab Manager will outline a strategic plan to the successful evaluation, implementation, and utilization of the most recent advances in informatics technology. Learn how to remain competitive by developing more robust and scalable data management systems for your laboratory through this free webinar.

As an attendee, you will learn more about how to:
  • Enhance data accessibility and security
  • Maximize productivity and innovation through informatics architecture
  • Integrate multiple lab systems with minimal workflow interruption

Ofrit Pinco
OpenLAB SDMS Product Manager
Agilent Technologies
Alok Tayi, PhD
CEO and cofounder
Steve Hayward, PhD.
Product Marketing Manager
Dassault Systemes BIOVIA

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