Confident and Powerful MetID for Small Molecules and Therapeutic Peptides

Thu, Sep 21, 2017 4:00 PM BST

Determining structural information for metabolites or catabolites of a drug candidate during metabolic stability testing can be a challenge, but this information is crucial to establish a structure-metabolism relationship and guide medicinal chemistry efforts through rational drug design. For scientists working in this area, increasing sample throughput and minimizing the time spent on data processing and structural interpretation are important to accelerate early drug discovery.

This webinar will show you how to rapidly identify metabolic hot spots on both small molecule drugs and peptide therapeutics using a streamlined and robust solution, so you can overcome your challenging MetID deadlines. See how quickly you can speed your time to answers with data dependent and data independent SWATH® Acquisition workflows on the accurate mass X500 series QTOF system and the new MetabolitePilot 2.0 Software for automated MS/MS interpretation and structural assignment.

By attending you will learn how to:
  • Eliminate laborious and complex LC-MS system setup to accelerate your productivity
  • Improve your confidence in small and large molecule analyte identification and quantitation
  • Understand biotherapeutic catabolism and biotransformation data with ease
  • Speed your time to answers by using multiple data acquisition strategies
Rahul Baghla
Global Pharma Applications Lead

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