Simplify intact phosphoprotein analysis with on-line separation and analysis by CESI-MS

Performing on-line, high-resolution separation of large intact molecule proteoforms prior to mass spectrometry (MS) analysis is virtually impossible. In order to come close, one must either implement an immunocapture enrichment strategy and/or lengthy cation exchange, pre-fractionation steps prior to MS analysis. In this webinar, we demonstrate the use of one CESI-MS method for high-resolution separation of intact proteoforms that could save you lab hours of preparation work.
We will use protein standards to demonstrate how CESI-MS separations of intact proteins differ from separations obtained by standard reverse phase LC-MS analysis.  We will also show data from alpha casein which has been used to compare CESI-MS with LC-MS for the separation of intact phosphoproteins.  

Key Learning Objectives:
  • Why CESI-MS is ideal for intact protein analysis
  • How CESI-MS compares with LC-MS for intact protein analysis
  • How CESI-MS can be used to get high resolution separation of intact phosphoproteins based on their charge

Dr. Stephen Lock
Market Development Manager

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