Thursday, October 19th, 2017
2:30 PM Eastern Time

Cancer Stem Cells: Getting to the Root of Cancer
The stem cell theory of cancer implies that anticancer therapies must target and destroy all resident cancer stem cells, in order to produce a durable response. Therapies that target cancer stem cells are currently being tested to confirm their safety and efficacy, but research into the weaknesses of cancer stem cells continues. To explore the knowns and unknowns in the field of cancer stem cell research, The Scientist is bringing together a panel of experts to share their results, as well as the lessons they’ve learned from studying the root cause of cancer. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with the experts, ask questions, and seek advice on topics related to their research.

Topics to be covered:
  • How stem cells become cancer stem cells
  • Methods for constraining cancer stem cell proliferation
Irving Weissman, MD
Director, Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Stanford University School of Medicine
Alka Mansukhani, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology
New York University School Of Medicine

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