Solving GC Challenges With Innovative Technologies

Live Air Date: Wed, Aug 30, 2017 11:06 AM EDT{LOCAL_TZ}

19 mins  

Event Overview

For more than 50 years, gas chromatography has matured, and largely meets analytical performance demands for the applications it serves. If you talk to any chromatographer, each will explain their unique challenges. Most of these challenges are either hardware or matrix related. We will describe in detail how GC innovation exceeds not only performance demands, but usability expectations and application needs of today’s GC labs, driving improved operational excellence for their enterprises. Specifically, this webinar will discuss some of the analytical capabilities of Custom Essence, a custom fragrance producer, and how new GC technologies has redefined their daily workflow. 

In this webinar, you will learn more about:
  • What new innovations have occurred in GC technology
  • Who is Custom Essence and what do they do
  • Why is GC important in the workflow of fragrance analysis
  • How has Custom Essence utilized the Intuvo and improved their workflow


Felix Buccellato
Perfumer and Founder
Custom Essence Inc.

Felix began his career as a Laboratory Technician at IFF in 1965 in Research. While working towards his degree in chemistry he developed expertise in natural product chemistry, isolation, identification and subsequent reconstitution of natural products.  This valuable experience led to a position in perfumery. In 1976 he joined Alpine Aromatics as a perfumer until founding of Custom Essence Inc. in 1981.

He is a frequent speaker at industry meetings on perfumery and flavor applications.  Most notably at the International Perfumery Congress, Society of Cosmetic Chemists regional meetings, and at the New York Botanical Gardens on various occasions. In 1997 he was given the William P. Lambert award for his contributions to the American Society of Perfumers. Currently Felix is a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Perfumer & Flavorist Magazine

Eric Phillips
Product Marketing Manager

Eric Phillips began his career as a GC/MS analyst in an Environmental laboratory. During these years he implemented new sample preparation protocols and developed new methods for the semi-volatile laboratory.

After leaving the contract laboratory Eric spent 16 years working to support GC and GC/MS customers and develop new GC/MS instrumentation. The team of chemists that Eric led developed a range of methods, applications, and sample preparation solutions for environmental, food, and forensic GC/MS laboratories.

For the past 4 years, Eric has been the Product Marketing Manager for GC systems at Agilent. In this role he works with GC product managers and with product lines across the company to put together systems that have positive impacts on the business of the GC and GC/MS laboratory. 

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