Preventing contamination in cell culture labs

Tue, Sep 26, 2017 3:00 PM BST

Contamination is an everyday challenge in cell culture labs. Undetected or ignored contamination and misidentification of cell lines endanger the reliability and reproducibility of experimental results. In this educational webinar, you will learn how to recognize and identify different types of contaminants in cultivated cells. We will discuss how to apply aseptic techniques and preventive hygiene and give practical tips for preventing contamination by incorporating standard procedures (e.g. for introducing new cell lines to the lab and testing for mycoplasma) into your daily culture practice.
  • Types and sources of contamination (e.g. mycoplasma)
  • Cell line authentication
  • Aseptic techniques and preventive hygiene
Dr. Jessica Wagener
Application Specialist, Cell Handling
Eppendorf AG

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