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User experience is critical, but how do we REALLY deliver better services and improve digital experience?

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Nothing less than an exceptional user experience is satisfactory for your customers and your business partners. You get it. The user experience is the number one thing that you and your team will be judged on.

The real question is how do you demonstrate you are exceptional in the real world. How do you make it show across multiple channels, with multiple technology stacks and for many, bridging legacy applications and born in the cloud solutions? How do you even know when you are on the right track?

It’s an area where there are more questions than answers. Questions like:

How do my peers handle this?
Am I where I need to be right now?
How do I measure progress?
How do I measure user experience?
How can I keep my delivery on track?
How do I track my problems?

If you’ve struggled with these questions, this webinar is for you. Along with our partner CA Technologies, IT World Canada is hosting an online discussion hosted by our CIO Jim Love, and Bryan Whitmarsh, Senior Principal Product Manager from CA Technologies. We’ll cover all of these issues and more.



Jim Love

Bryan Whitmarsh
Senior Principal Product Manager
CA Technologies



55 Town Centre Court, Suite 302
Toronto, ON, Canada, M1P 4X4


CA Technologies

125 Commerce Valley Dr. West, Suite 800
Thornhill , ON, L3T 7W4

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